Spin Photography

Muddy Rhino shoots stunning spin photography for sporting goods. We capture high resolution 3D photography with 360 degree rotation and zoom function. Engage your customers in a way that they could never experience with a flat picture. Turn your product images into powerful sales tools.

In addition to fashioning hi-res product images from a multi-angle perspective we can embed hotspots to highlight product features. Or insert a QR code to lead customers to new web content.

Pricing of 360 degree Spin Photography is based on a per session set-up fee plus a fixed price per product. You’ll be amazed how affordable it is!

Every pair of rugby boots sent to Muddy Rhino receive an unbiased and accurate review that will be posted on social media and included in our Rugby Boots Selector.

Capturing 360 degree 3D Spin Photograghy in hi-res digital stills within a 700 sq ft studio space complete with white out cove and green/blue screen.

Spin photography can be created to view on any platform or device — Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android — you name it.

Muddy Rhino provides all the files and folders to embed your spin photography on another website. You can even integrate 360 degree photograghy into popular e-commerce platforms like eBay, Shopify, and Magento.

Share your 360 degree spin photography on Facebook, Twitter and other social networks to increase likes, followers, shares, site traffic, and engagement.

From a rugby boot to a couple of rugby players; we can create spin photography for almost any size and up to 250kg.

Muddy Rhino can store your spin photography images  on secure enterprise-grade servers that provide fast reliable load times anywhere in the world.

Turn your product images into powerful sales tools.

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