How to get a verified Twitter account

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At Muddy Rhino we often get asked by high profile rugby players “How do I get a verified Twitter account?”

In case you are wondering, if you’ve ever seen that white tick in a blue cloud on somebody’s Twitter profile, that means they hold a “verified account.”

Ryan Jones verified Twitter account

The white tick on a blue cloud confirms that Ryan Jones has a verified Twitter account

 Why are verified Twitter accounts important?

  • Improved brand credibility – As a pro-rugby player you recognise that you can enhance your earnings through endorsements and gaining media exposure. Verifying your Twitter account can enhance your social media presence making your personal brand more attractive for endorsements.
  • Distinguish yourself from parody and fake accounts – You’re likely to have been agreed to a code of conduct for social media platforms with your club and/or national team. Gaining a verified Twitter account can ensure the actions of another account aren’t mistaken as being your own.
  • Improved social search presence – A verified Twitter account can help fans find you on the Twitter search tool. Hands up if you’d like some additional followers!

Important things to remember about a Twitter verified status

  • Your follower count is not a factor in the criteria for verification
  • Twitter chooses who gets verified
  • It doesn’t stop users from creating a duplicate and parody account
  • It doesn’t guarantee increased followers or reach
Twitter profiles of Beau Robinson and Jonah Lomu

Jonah Lomu has more than 7X more followers than Beau Robinson, but he isn’t yet Twitter verified.

Six easy steps to getting a verified Twitter account

If you think you fit the bill, here is how to go about getting your Twitter account verified.

Step 1: Determine if you qualify for a verified Twitter account.

Twitter verifies as few accounts as possible and only for legitimate reasons. Reasons for asking Twitter include being a highly recognisable rugby player, rugby club, brand or rugby agent, etc., or if your name and likeness is parodied or impersonated on multiple fake Twitter accounts, leading to identity confusion.

Step 2: Embed a Twitter “Follow” button on your website

Twitter recommends embedding a Twitter “Follow” button on your official website as the best alternative to verification. This allows you to obtain followers directly from your official site, which is very helpful if there are multiple Twitter accounts that use your name.

Step 3: Read the Twitter verified account terms

These terms explain what a verified account is, what it means to be verified, who has the verified badge and identifying a verified account. They can be found here.

Step 4: Find out how to apply for a verified account

Send a direct message to this address.

Be sure to have the following information ready:

  • Account name
  • Full name
  • Location
  • Official website (you will be given a suggestion to put the Twitter logo or badge on your official website to speed up verification)
  • Bio information (your 160 character profile summary)
  • Primary contact name (you or the individual who manages the account)
  • Additional contact information

Step 5: Wait for Twitter to respond

If you don’t get a reply shortly, you can contact Twitter by mail or through Twitter. Keep in mind that Twitter deals with a high volume of verification requests, and that it focuses first on the most “highly sought users.

Step 6: Follow Twitter’s instructions for verifying your account

If Twitter decides that you qualify for a verified account, they will reach out to you via direct message. Click the link in the direct message to be taken to finish the process.

  • Learn how to Tweet effectively – You’ll be asked to choose best tweet out of two tweets. There will be no negative impact if you don’t answer correctly.
  • Connect with other Interesting Twitter Users – Connect with other verified accounts. It helps in making your account  more legitimate.
  •  Protect your Account – You’ll be asked to add  a phone number through which Twitter can contact you if they find any problem with your account.

Once you have completed all the above steps, your Twitter account will be verified.

Short-cut to getting a Twitter verified account

Remove all doubt that you are who you say you are, and show your desire to be verified by using “selfie” as your profile picture along with the verified symbol. Download and print a Twitter verified mark here.

Piri Weepu using the Twitter verified mark

Piri Weepu making sure his Twitter account was verified

How to get a verified Facebook account

Facebook has also recently adopted a verified status, but there is no mechanism to request verification. Instead, Facebook recommends that professional rugby players, rugby clubs, agents and brands, who believe that they are being impersonated, should report a fake account.

In the event that Facebook attempts to verify your account you will need to submit a government-issued photo ID, which Facebook promises to delete immediately after verification.

Screenshot Facebook verifying process

Screenshot Facebook verified

Screenshots of the Facebook verified process

For now, Facebook is taking charge of this task by itself.  At the moment there is no action that can be taken by professional rugby players, rugby clubs, agents and brands to verify your Facebook account.

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