15 great uses of iBeacon in stadiums

15 great uses of iBeacon in stadiums

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iBeacon could be the vehicle to improve fan experiences, increase revenues for the venue and provide more brand engagement opportunities for sponsors. In this post we explore 15 great uses of iBeacon in stadiums.

The use of iBeacon in stadiums broadcasts a Bluetooth signal to a precise microlocation within the venue. This signal can trigger a series of personalised notifications on a smartphone or tablet device of the fans while they are at that specific location within the stadium.

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15 great uses of iBeacon in stadiums

1. Extend the match-day experience

  • Fans: For some the match-day experience starts two hours before the game kicks-off. Get pre-match notifications on the train or in your favourite supporters bar.
  • Venue: Security staff can monitor fans movements and manage their arrival at the game. Simply use iBeacon micro-location technology located on transport and in local bars.

2. Electronic match-day tickets

  • Fans: Never lose your match-day ticket by storing the electronic ticket in the match-day app. Receive a mobile prompt to display your ticket as you approach the stadium entrance. Gain entry through the turnstiles using your electronic match-day ticket.
  • Venue: Reduce costs of match-day ticket printing with an electronically generated match-day pass. Reduce queuing time with iBeacon at stadium entry gate  with a prompt notification that help fans have their entry ticket ready for scanning.

3. Indoor navigation

  • Fans: Use the Bluetooth signal from a network of iBeacon in the stadium to navigate you to your seat.
  • Venue: Use a network of iBeacon devices in the stadium to reduce the number of stadium stewards required to help fans get to where they need to be.

4. Premium seat upgrade

  • Fans: Receive a mobile notification telling you there is a vacant seat on the half-way line. Upgrade for a small additional fee that could still be cheaper than the original premium price.
  • Venue: Sell unsold premium seat positions using iBeacon at the stadium to trigger a targeted notification only to those people in the cheaper ticket areas.

5. Order refreshments

  • Fans: Use the match-day app to order and pay for your refreshments from the comfort of your seat. Get snacks delivered to your seat so you don’t miss that crucial score.
  • Venue: Deliver concessions to fans by using iBeacon microlocation to pinpoint the customer. Reduce traffic flow on steps and in aisles during game-time.

6. Special offers and discounts

  • Fans: Grab yourself a half-price hot-dog with only 10 minutes left on the clock thanks to a iBeacon notification.
  • Venues: Use network of iBeacon in the stadium to give the concessions one last push. A great opportunity to squeeze out a little more match-day revenue.

7. Game-time promotions

  • Fans: Receive an early-bird discount to buy tickets for an upcoming game. Get to select from the seats available and even get to see stadium the view on your mobile.
  • Venue: Use iBeacon technology in the stadium to identify match-day app users who aren’t season ticket holders. Vouchers and coupons might just be the little extra encouragement they need to attend more frequently.

8. Match-day content

  • Fans: Get the stats of the last scorer delivered to your mobile at the moment they score. Receive iBeacon prompts to watch instant replays via your mobile or tablet. Plus, view all the chat on social media as the action is taking place.
  • Venue: Push the availability of in-game stats and game play through iBeacon technology so fans can watch through in-stadium Wifi. Integrate twitter feeds though the match-day app so fans can enjoy on the small screen too.

9. Locate amenities

  • Fans: Locate the nearest toilet with the least queuing time using an indoor sat-nav-like system on your phone.
  • Venue: Using the network of iBeacon at the stadium you can improve the movement of fans and reduce health & safety risks by suggesting the most appropriate rest-rooms.

10. Meet with friends

  • Fans: Track-down your friends in the stadium with ease using the iBeacon indoor positioning. Use the match-day app and shake the phone to meet fellow fans from your home-town.
  • Venue: Help stewards re-unite lost children with parents quickly and safely. Identify the proximity of the parent to the steward location using the network of iBeacon in the stadium. .

11. Digital Mexican wave

  • Fans: Play your part in the Mexican wave of the smartphone generation by simply holding your phone at head height. Watch in amazement as the iBeacon signal triggers the flash on all the smartphones in the stadium in sequential order to create a digital Mexican wave of light.
  • Venue: Use the network of iBeacon devices in the stadium to systematically trigger the flash on the smartphones to create a safe and low-cost light-show.

12. Play games

  • Fans: Track-down the team mascot to win a prize of get a selfie in an iBeacon treasure hunt game.
  • Venue: Give half-time entertainment for kids a new dimension with just the use of a mascot-worn iBeacon.

13. Responsive advertisements

  • Fans: Receive personalised brand advertisements as you walk towards a stadium billboard.
  • Venue: Tailor advertising content to a fan as they approach the billboard by using iBeacon to identify when a target demographic is within proximity.

14. Merchandise

  • Fans: Receive discounts and coupons for purchasing merchandise at stadium.
  • Venue: Use iBeacon in the stadium promote the availability of merchandise that can be purchased at the stadium shop or delivered home.

15. The VIP Treatment

  • Fans: View the names and faces of all the VIP delegates before you arrive. Send an invite to meet using the match-day app. Get a mobile notification when the invitee is in close proximity.
  • Venue: Use iBeacon technology to know when a VIP has arrived at the lounge. Notify the VIP of their host with their contact details via the match-day app.

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